January 5 - March 23. 

24 students. 




Professor Hemant Bhargava is the Chair in Technology Management at UC Davis. He is an expert in technology management and the IT industry. Dr. Bhargava earned his PhD from the Wharton School at UPenn.


This course provides you a framework for thinking about technology competition and strategy. More contemporarily, this course is about a business revolution that we are in the middle of, a platform revolution. Platform-enabled marketplaces, and other Internet-based goods and products with digital components and network effects, have stormed at the head of economic activity. Platform-mediated networks produce over half the revenue for over half of the world’s 100 largest companies. But this class of goods has very different, almost weird, characteristics, with distinctive economic forces that affect supply (e.g., supply and cost structures), demand (e.g., how value is created) and markets (e.g., industry organization, alliances, and competition). Managing and responding to these forces requires distinctive competitive strategies. Conversely, strategic errors can be devastating. What are these forces? How do they impact market outcomes in technology industries? And how should firms shape their competitive strategy?

Technology Competition & Strategy

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